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What cookies are set by this website? ("first party cookies")

We use the Meta Pixel, provided by Meta Platforms. This tool sets both first and third party cookies. For detailed information about the Meta Pixel, see the Cookies set by third parties section of this page.

What cookies set by third parties? ("third party cookies")

We use the Meta Pixel, provided by Meta Platforms.

What is the Meta Pixel?

The Meta Pixel is a piece of code on our website that helps us to better understand the effectiveness of our advertising and the actions that people take on our site, such as visiting a page or adding an item to their basket. The Meta Pixel also shows us when customers took an action after seeing one of our ads on Facebook and Instagram. We use this information to target our ads more effectively.

What information does the Meta Pixel collect?

  • Http Headers – Anything that is generally present in HTTP headers, a standard web protocol sent between any browser request and any server on the internet. This information may include data like IP addresses, information about the web browser, page location, document, referrer and person using the website.
  • Pixel-specific Data – Includes Pixel ID and the Facebook Cookie.
  • Button Click Data – Includes any buttons clicked, the labels of those buttons and any pages visited as a result of the button clicks.
  • Custom Data Events – Additional information about the visit. Example custom data events are conversion value, page type and more.
  • Form Field Names – Includes website field names like email, address, quantity, etc., for when you purchase a product or service. We don't collect the field values.

How does the Meta Pixel work?

The Meta Pixel may use cookies, web beacons and other storage technologies to collect or receive information from our websites and elsewhere on the Internet and use that information to provide measurement services, target and deliver ads.

You can opt out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting by visiting European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)..

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